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Single-Ply Roof Recoating: All You Need to Know

Single-ply roof recoating is the process of applying a new coating to a single-ply roof membrane to protect it from weather and UV damage. This process can help extend the roof’s life and improve its performance. Recoating a single-ply roof is typically less expensive than replacing the entire membrane, making it a popular choice for many businesses.

While single-ply roof recoating is not difficult, it is essential to have the work done by a professional. A team of professionals will have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that the new layer is appropriately applied and that the roof is in good condition.

Top 3 Benefits of Single-Ply Roof Recoating

By regularly recoating a single-ply roof, building owners can extend its lifespan. And because recoating is significantly cheaper than replacing a roof, it can save a lot of money. But what exactly are the benefits? Let’s take a closer look:

1. Durable & Effective

A single-ply membrane roof is a good choice for businesses with chemical materials. It is very durable and resistant to tears. It also can withstand high heat welds and UV rays. This means it will never have major issues, regardless of your building.

2. It Will Save You Money & Time

Many people choose single-ply roof recoating for their commercial roofing because it is quick and easy to install. The durable material makes repairs minimal. This will keep your cost per square foot low.

3. Easy to Install

Single-ply roofs are much thinner and lighter than other types of roofing systems. This makes them much more straightforward and can often be installed without special equipment.

However, despite their ease of installation, single-ply roofs should always be installed by professionals. This is because they require a high level of precision to function correctly.

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