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Cool Roofs Save Energy Year Round​

“Cool” roofs are having their day in the sun. They reduce energy demands for cooling. Using less energy not only saves money, it also reduces the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere.

ENERGY STAR - Rated Protection

Specialty Roofing is proud to use Conklin Company products which is a partner of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. Our reflective white energy efficient roof systems meet the EPA’s stringent guidelines for energy efficiency, and help to protect the environment in a number of ways:
Decrease the energy required to cool the building, resulting in less air pollution
Reduce the amount of roofing materials discarded into landfills with exceptional sutainability
Reduce summertime heat island effects in city environments, slowing down the formation of smog

​Savings for all Seasons

The outside temperature doesn’t have to be hot for Conklin’s roofing systems to reduce energy costs. Conklin’s SPF Foam and Single-Ply Membrane roofing systems have a layer of insulation that helps lower heating costs in the winter. With white, reflective coatings to reflect summer heat, Conklin roofs are energy efficient all year round.

A Benchmark® Performance Under the Toughest Conditions

When the Florida Solar Energy Center decided to conduct a demonstration of the energy savings resulting from light-colored roofs, they looked for a product they believed would lower cooling costs during the hot Florida summer. The product they selected was Conklin’s Benchmark roof coating.

Conklin’s Benchmark Roofing System was applied to the roofs of seven retail shops in a Cocoa, Florida strip mall. The results of the demonstration showed a 25.3% average reduction in cooling energy among the seven shops. Individual store energy savings ranged from 13% to 48%.

Energy Star Rated Roof Coatings

A terrific Return on Investment (ROI). These Specialty’s roofs can literally pay for themselves in energy savings within just 7 years (results may vary).
You may qualify for the Federal Government’s new tax credits and/or rebates earmarked for energy-efficient projects.
This system can eliminate the need for tear-off, which reduces the amount of waste that is added to our landfills.
What Energy Star can do for you:

  • Reduce cost of air conditioning.
  • Reduce heating bills.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star designated to keep structures cool.
  • Increased reflectivity to aid in cooling.
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